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We are focused on accelerating growth across our portfolio of brands through innovating our live-streaming video product and sharing best practices in monetization and engagement across the portfolio.” It’s expected that Lovoo will remain a separate brand and standalone mobile application following the closing of the acquisition.

Co-founder and CEO Benjamin Bak is only staying on for another six months to aid the transition.

“There are so many subtle nuances in communication that happen only when you can see someone’s body language,” said Chris Wire, Chief Design Officer and Head of Product for Krush Technologies (oo Voo’s parent company).

Promising to maximize the video chatting experience, oo Voo uses Superclear™ technology to deliver the highest quality picture and sound for users of the popular app.

After more than a year of going through the challenges of a long-distance relationship, I can vouch for the benefits of a good video chatting app.

Nothing can replace being in the same room as the one you love, but oo Voo is making great strides in helping you temporarily forget that you’re not.

When Chris tells many of his friends that he works on the video chatting app, many of them tell him they haven’t heard of it.

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